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WHO claims – India’s Kovid variant spread over 17 more countries B.1.617


Coronavirus In India: B.1.617 form of SARS-COV2 is also called double mutation or Indian form.

Geneva. The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday that Kovid-19 variant -B.1.617 has been found in more than a dozen countries responsible for the increase in coronovirus cases in India. The United Nations Health Agency said that the B.1.617 variant of Kovid-19 was found for the first time in India. In addition, more than 1,200 sequences uploaded to the GISAID open-access database have been detected ‘from at least 17 countries’. The WHO said in its weekly update on the epidemic, “The highest number of sequences were uploaded from India, United Kingdom, USA and Singapore.” WHO has recently announced B.1.617 as the new variant of Kovid. The health organization has said that mild mutations occur in it. However, it has not been declared ‘worrying’ yet. New cases can be disastrous for India India is facing new cases and deaths in the epidemic. There are increasing fears that the way the figures are increasing, they can be disastrous for India. 3, 50,000 new cases were reported in India on Tuesday alone. WHO admitted that its initial modeling based on sequencing done by GISAID indicated that ‘an increase of B.1.617 compared to other variants in India Rate is high. Due to this, the transmission can increase more rapidly. WHO stated, ‘It has been said in many studies that the second wave has spread much faster than the first.’

In the context of the rapid detection of cases in the second wave, the WHO also expressed the possibility of the infection spreading rapidly due to negligence by the people. The United Nations agency also emphasized that more study is needed as soon as possible regarding B.1.617 and other variants. The B1.617 form of SARS-COV2 is also called double mutation or Indian form. This form has been found in badly affected Maharashtra and Delhi by the second wave of epidemic.


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