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When Indira wrote a letter to JRD Tata, Harsh Goenka shared a 50-year-old letter

A copy of a letter written by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to industrialist JRD Tata is going viral on social media these days. A copy of the fifty-year-old letter has been shared on Twitter by Harsh Goenka, Chairman of RPG Enterprises and noted industrialist. In this letter, Indira Gandhi is thanking JRD Tata and his wife Thelma Vikaji Tata. Sharing the letter written by Indira Gandhi to JRD Tata, the owner of the Tata Group of Companies, Goenka wrote on Twitter, “A very personal letter between a powerful Prime Minister and a veteran industrialist.. Sheer class!

what is the text of the letter

In a letter dated 5 July 1973, Indira Gandhi addressed Jerdi Tata by writing Jeh. Indira has written that I am excited to get your perfume. Thanks a lot. I don’t usually use perfumes and I am so cut off from the chic world. I didn’t know about it. But now I will use it. Indira Gandhi has further invited JRT Tata to come to the PM’s residence and wrote that whenever you want to meet me, you must meet. You can come to meet me to express your views, whether they are of my choice or criticism of me. With best wishes to you and Theli (JRD’s wife). Your confidant, Indira Gandhi.

The country’s famous businessman Harsh Goenka is very active on social media. Whenever he sees an interesting post, he immediately shares it among the people through Twitter. In this sequence, sharing this fifty year old letter, he wrote that a very personal letter exchanged between a powerful Prime Minister and a huge industrialist. It was too late to post this tweet of Harsh Goenka that people started retweeting it and earning it.


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