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Whatsapp messages will disappear automatically after 24 hours! Know everything about the new feature

WhatsApp is also testing that in which the photo disappears

According to the report of WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is already running, in 7 days, the message will not automatically stop the disappearing option, instead it will give the users a separate option that they want in seven days or 24 hours. You can make the message disappear.

New Delhi. Facebook Owned (Facebook-owned) Instant messaging app WhatsApp launched the most popular dis-expecting message feature last year. After this, the message was given the facility to disappear automatically after seven days. Now the news is that WhatsApp is working on making the feature of the message disappearing after 7 days, after 24 hours. It will work on Android (iOS), iOS and even on the web. With this new feature, WhatsApp will compete with its competitor apps like Telegram which gives users many options.

Website tracking updates about this new feature from WhatsApp WABetaInfo According to the report, WhatsApp is already running, the message will not automatically disappear in 7 days, instead it will give a separate option to the users that they can make the message disappear in seven days or 24 hours. Want to do Meaning users will have both options. WABetaInfo Has also shared a screenshot, in which it has been said that the option of missing the message in 24 hours will be seen in the Enable / Disable section. From here they will be able to select it for personal or group chat.

Photos will also disappear automatically

Earlier, WhatsApp only gave control of dispensing messages to groups administrators. At the same time, in the recent iOS update, all the members who are associated with the group have also been given the right to change the message setting. It is also news that WhatsApp is also testing that in which the photo also disappears automatically on both Android and iOS.

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Playback speed on voice note

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