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This strong fiber broadband plan comes with 5000Mbps speed, price is not high

Spectra is a fast growing private fiber broadband internet provider, the company currently provides services in four cities of the country – Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and Bengaluru. Spectra’s services are considered very good and the company runs many service plans for its customers. Today we will talk about 500Mbps speed service of the company. It is believed that this company’s Fiber Internet Broadband service is the cheapest high speed Internet service in its country. So let’s know about this plan of the company.

The company is considered to be the best plan for its customers in the high-speed fiber internet segment. In this, you get high speed data for just Rs 1,599, although the thing to note is that this amount is without tax. That is, you will have to pay more tax money. The company gives you 750 GB of data in this plan. With this, the company also charges you a one-time installation charge which is Rs 1,000. In addition, you also have to deposit a refundable security deposit of Rs 2,000.

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Half Yearly PlanIf you want to get more data in the company’s 500 Mbps Spectra broadband plan, then you have to choose its 6-month plan, in this plan you get 1500 GB of data per month, plus you will not have to make any security deposit. , But you will have to pay one time installation charge. With tax, this plan will cost you 12,501 rupees for 6 months.

Dual plan
In the dual plan of the company, you get unlimited data. In this also you only have to pay one time installation charge. For a total of one year, you will have to pay Rs 23,822 with this plan tax.

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Quarterly plan
If you want, you can also opt for the company’s 3-month plan, but with this plan you will also have to pay a security deposit of Rs 2000 and an installation charge of Rs 1000 and you will have to pay a total of Rs 8,840 for this plan.

Monthly plan
In the company’s monthly plan, you will get 750 GB of data and you will have to pay the installation charge and refundable security once. For this plan, you will have to spend Rs 1,599 (price of the plan) + 18 percent GST (Rs 288) = Rs 1,887 along with tax.


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