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There are immense career opportunities in the fashion designing field.

Let us tell you that first a fashion designer sketches his design on paper, and at present all the software helps him in this. In this sequence, courses in fashion designing illustration can also be done.

for the past several decades fashion industry Filling up very fast. From clothing to shoes, from glasses to watches and a plethora of accessories, you will surely be tempted. There will hardly be anyone who is not directly influenced by fashion.

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The progress of the garments market, the export house has given rise to many career possibilities in this field. Of course, fashion designing has played a big role in the growth of the fashion industry. Until a few decades ago, fashion designing, where it was limited to tailoring of clothes, now creativity is working at many levels in it. In such a situation, if you also want to do a fashion designing course, then it is very important for you to be creative.

Tell that first of all fashion designer Sketches his design on paper, and is currently supported by various software. In this sequence, courses in fashion designing illustration can also be done.

If you take a basic fashion illustration course online, it will not only help you professionally but can also help you get admission in a good institute.

Apart from illustration, the computer skills you need in fashion designing are graphic editing software, knowledge of software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw. These are mainly used in this industry. The more perfect you are in creating computer aided designs on these software, the more your fashion designing Career prospects will go ahead.

The third point is about creativity. Yes! How new can you think? How many can experiment, innovate, and make the design attractive while keeping it simple, or can use colors very well. Such things go a long way in taking you forward in the world of fashion designing.

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Take care! Be it any industry in the world, understanding the customer’s mindset is more important, and your excellent communication skills will go a long way in helping you achieve this. Not only in customer interaction, but if you work with the team, it is going to help you a lot. It is during the interaction that you can take important decisions, and when you start making important decisions, then you will understand where the direction of fashion designing is going.

Without this fashion trends To understand, follow all the fashion websites, and make a note of the design of your choice in it.

Apart from this, there are many trade shows where you should go. Have a look at the fabric samples available there. If you are working for a company, then put your designing ideas in order, and try to display it through a model in a fashion show. Keep in mind, when the company bets on your design, it should be perfect, and the points mentioned above can help you in this episode. Opportunity is a big deal in the fashion industry, and if you get a chance, your preparation should be of the highest standard before that. Lest you get a chance and you miss it due to incomplete preparation.

Another very important thing is that the selection of a qualified team is very important for any fashion designing. In fact, fashion designing is just an idea, and in such a situation, the cooperation of the team plays a big role in implementing the right idea.

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en general career Regarding, the interest of the students starts only after the tenth-twelfth (10th / 12th). In such a situation, you can do a course in fashion designing through entrance exam in a highly reputed institute like NIFT. Its syllabus includes Maths, English, Drawing etc. Talking about the courses of fashion designing, there are many courses like Apparel Manufacturing Technology, Apparel Merchandising Course, Swing Machine Operator, Pattern Cutting Master Course, Diploma in Fashion Sample, In Coordination Production, Supervision Quality Control, which you can choose according to your convenience/interest. can do accordingly.

Fashion designing is a syllabus of about 3 years, and if you have 50% marks in 12th, then you can do this course, and after completing the course, you can get the post of fashion designer, fashion coordinator etc. in export house.

Talking about earning, if you do a job somewhere, then you will easily get a start of 15 to 20 thousand, and if your interest remains intact, then you can give your services to the film industry and corporate clients through the fashion industry. , and in this case there is no limit to earning.

All you need is to spread your wings!

– Mithilesh Kumar Singh


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