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The update of Apple iOS 14.5, which Facebook was most concerned about, know what is in it

This will be a big problem for Facebook’s business model.

Facebook is also worried about the fact that once Apple does this, Google should take this step and also for other app platforms including Adroid and Google Chrome. If this happens, it will be a big problem for the business model of Facebook.

New Delhi. After all Apple Of iOS Of New Update iOS 14.5 come Only Gone. Whose The long Time From IOS users were waiting and Facebook was most concerned about it. You must be thinking iOS 14.5 From Well Facebook Why the Will be worried So there is a reason behind that and that reason is not even trivial, but such a direct effect is going to be on the business of Facebook (Facebook) in the coming days. new Update In Privacy Too Enough Better Of Has gone is. by the way Too Privacy Today from all more Important The issue Ho Had finished is.

Here Privacy In One New Feature Ed did is Whose Name is The app Tracking Transparency Feature (App Tracking Transparency feature). In which this Control your hand In gave go is That Gis The app To You Will choose There itself you The track Tax can is. Debris clean is Now clear form From your Permission Of Without someone Too The app you The track No Tax Will be able to.Because now it Update Live Is done then after this Facebook To (Facebook) your advertisement Id By Arriving Of for Him first From you Permission Have to take Will be.

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Privacy Feature All The app On Applicable Will happen

Apple Of The CEO Tim Kum has One Tweet In Told you What Seems Huh That how your Browsing Of after Facebook (Facebook) And Instagram In Those all Add vision To come Seem to is that some Time first Only you Any The second The site or In Platform Of Via By going Search did Was. this new Privacy Feature All The app On Applicable Will happen Again they Like iphone Of for Ho or Again Apple The app Store On. We Consider is That User Of near this the option Happen needed Who Their Data Collect Tax Stayed is And Who Used Its About In they Myself decide do.

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Facebook Of Business The model Of for this One The big problem

Facebook To Maybe this talk Of Too anxiety is That One times Apple Of Like this To do Of after Google Too this Steps picking Take And Adroyd And Google Chrome and other The app Platform Of for. If Like this Would is so Facebook Of Business The model Of for this One The big problem Will happen. Because when The people Of near this the option Will happen That them The track did Go or No so mostly Its for No Only Will choose. many The small Businessman Too him note In Keeping Hue Only Facebook To advertisement Giving is Because them Know Would is That They Selected Customers By the access Can is.

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Wearing a mask On Too Phone will be unlocked!

In this new update, Apple has given the feature of unlocking the phone even after wearing the mask. However, because you only have an iPhone, you will not be able to use it, for this you must have an Apple Watch. In the new update, it has been provided that if you have a pple watch, then when you bring the mobile in front of the face, even if you are wearing a mask, the phone will be unlocked as soon as you touch the watch.


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