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Relief to whatsapp admin! Admin not responsible for any wrong post by member: Bombay High Court

The petition filed with the District Magistrate was also rejected by the High Court.

The court said that if a member makes a wrong post in the WhatsApp group (WhatsApp), then the administrator cannot be held responsible for that. If the message posted by the member does not have the “common intension” of the administrator or the message has not been decided earlier, then the administrator will not be held responsible for this.

New Delhi. WhatsApp (WhatsApp), there is news of relief for those who form the group. Now any member on his group on behalf of The group admin will not be held responsible for wrong posting. This important thing Bombay HiThe court (Bombay Hight Court) Nagpur The bench (Nagpur Bench) has said. The court he said WhatsApp Group In if someone Member wrong Post Does is so his for Group Of The administrator To Responsible No Held Go can is. if Member Of Side From Post Done message In The administrator OfCommon intentionNo is or first From decide did Gone message No is so Its for The administrator To Responsible No agreed Go can is.

The cases In the hearing Do Hue HiThe court has July 2016 In 33 year Of One WhatsApp Administrator Of Against Filed The case Dismissed Tax gave. With this decision, the court has also reduced the great tension of many WhatsApp administrators. Many times any wrong post gets shared in the group by mistake from the members associated with the group. Anyway, it is difficult to decide when to post what kind of member.

This is whole matterThe

Actually, 33 year Of this Man Gis Group Of Admin Was, That Group Of One Member has One Women Member Of Against wrong And Offensive message did Was Justice Jade right And Justice Amit B. Borkar has 33 year Of Teen Chintaman Of Against last Month From Filed The criminal The cases In this Decision Narrated is. this The cases Of the hearing Do Hue Both Justice has had got, “One times when someone WhatsApp Group become go is so All The members To same Right Occur Huh. The administrator Of near The privilege Would is Any new Member To Connecting K. The administrator Of near Group Of Any Member Of Side From Post Content To Regulate, Moderate or The sensor To do Of Right No Would is.

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Saying this dismissed the case

The judges has Ours The verdict In said That when someone Man WhatsApp Group Makes is so Him first From this talk Of Information No Would have That Who Sa Member What message Post Will do. so The administrator To Any Group Post Of for Responsible No agreed Go can. Along with this, the court has also rejected the petition filed with Gondia District Magistrate.


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