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Priyanka Gandhi sent oxygen tanker to Lucknow hospital

Priyanka Gandhi, the Congress general secretary and in-charge of Uttar Pradesh of the party, has sent an oxygen cartridge to the hospital in Lucknow. Priyanka has asked Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel to send a tanker of oxygen to Medanta Hospital in Lucknow. An attempt was made to talk to Kapoor but his phone remained off.

Lucknow. Congress general secretary and party’s in-charge of Uttar Pradesh Priyanka Gandhi The oxygen tanker sent by Vadra through the Chhattisgarh government reached Medanta Hospital in Lucknow on Wednesday. Uttar Pradesh Congress convenor (organization) Lalan Kumar said that the party had contacted various hospitals in Lucknow and asked if they did not need oxygen, after which Priyanka told Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel a tanker of oxygen in Lucknow. Medanta is sent to the hospital. An attempt was made to talk to Medanta Lucknow director Dr Rakesh Kapoor about this, but his phone remained off. Kumar said that the party is contacting various hospitals to get information about the availability of oxygen with them and they are being helped if the hospitals have shortage of oxygen. Such hospitals will be sent oxygen from Congress-ruled states. Kumar said that this help should not be seen as associated with politics.

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The Kovid-19 pandemic is a global disaster and we all have to fight together. He expected the Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh not to carry out petty politics of oxygen tankers like the buses provided by the Congress to transport migrant workers to their destinations last year. Kumar said that it is hoped that the government will not obstruct any kind of contribution to overcome the shortage of oxygen-rich life. Kumar alleged that the situation arising out of Kovid-19 in Uttar Pradesh is appalling but the government is not ready to accept it. The Chief Minister says in the Team 11 meeting every day that there is no shortage of oxygen, life-saving medicines and beds in hospitals, but the clamor for oxygen and medicines opens up the claim. He claimed that most hospitals in the entire state, including Lucknow, are deficient in oxygen and despite repeated pleas, the government is not helping them.

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