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KIA will remove this word from its brand name Company to relaunch Seltos and Sonet in June with new logo

New Delhi. South Korean car manufacturer Kia Motors India today announced that it will relaunch its brand in India. Kia Corporation’s wholly owned company Kia will launch its new logo and brand slogan in the first week of May along with the Seltos and Sonat cars. The company is also going to remove motors from its name in Kia Motors India and will keep only Kia India (KIA INDIA). At the same time, the company’s Anantapur manufacturing unit will be run with full capacity, so that it can increase production in India and deliver cars quickly.

In January 2021, Kia Motors showed its new logo to the world. Then it has also been decided that the company is starting to use this new logo with the Kia Sonat used in India. At the same time, the company has today said to use it for Celtos as well. The company’s compact SUV was recently spotted with a dealer in which the brand new logo appeared. It was said in January on behalf of Kia that with this new logo, the company will also put forward its ambition in which we see ourselves at the leadership position in the mobility industry in the future.

Movement That InspiresBrand’s slogan

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Prices of cars have increased in January itself

Kia Morts (Kia Mortes) has Seltos And Sonet car Of Models Of cost In 20 Thousand Rupees By Of Growth January In Of is. In which company has 1.2 Liter Of Kia Sonnet petrol Variants Of cost In 10 Thousand Rupees Of Increase did is. There itself 1.5 Liter diesel Variants Of cost In 20 Thousand Rupees Of Growth Of was. Both Only car Kia Motors Of from all Popular And Entry Level car is. Whom India In Enough like did go is.

Kia Sonet 2019 In Hui was Launch Kia Of these Compact SUV 2019 August In Launch Hui was. In which company has 10.25 Inch Touch Screen Infotainment The system gave Was. Its Apart from company has car In Bose Of 7 Specker The system gave. There itself Kia has this car In Electric Sunroof, Front Ventilated Seats Smartwatch Connected car like fabulous FEATURES lamps Were.

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Kia sonet Of The engine Kia Morts has this car To 3 The engine Option In market In Present did Was. Its Apart from this car Of with you 5 Speed The manual, Six Speed The manual, 6 Speed AT And 6 Speed iMT Of Option Get is. Kia Sonnet GT Line To 1.0 Liter petrol The engine And 1.5 Liter Turbo diesel The engine Variants Will meet.


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