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It is very easy to rectify the wrong information present in the vaccination certificate, follow the steps present in the report

New Delhi. corona virus The second wave of infection is not even completely over yet that the third wave is being feared. In such a situation, the government is busy making necessary arrangements to compete with the third wave. But ‘vaccine’ is the most important weapon in the war against corona virus infection. Not only this Prime Minister Narendra Modi Constantly advising people through their programs to take the vaccine when it is their turn. So on the other hand, some information in the vaccine certificate of people who have got other vaccinations has gone wrong. Because of which he is upset.

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The utility of vaccination certificates has increased in recent times. Because many shops are giving additional discount on showing the vaccination certificate. Apart from this, it is also necessary to show the vaccination certificate for visiting many places in the country and abroad. In such a situation, people who have taken the vaccine dose are upset. However, now his problem has also been solved.

Let us tell you that any mistake in the vaccination certificate can now be rectified. Earlier there was no facility to rectify wrong information in the certificate. But now it can be corrected through the Covin website. On scrolling down the Covin website, an option called Raise an issue will appear. Where you have to click on the option ‘Get Your Certificate Corrected’ and by doing so you will reach a new page. Here you have to enter your registered mobile number and then an OTP will come on your mobile phone. After entering the OTP, you will proceed. By doing this, the information of the registered people will appear in front. On clicking on the option called Raise An Issue at the top, you have to click on the option of name, age, gender and photo ID in the certificate. Most importantly, you can modify your certificate only once. In such a situation, while filling the information, read all the options correctly and fill the correct information.

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The Vaccine Certificate will be revised within 24 hours after you fill in the correct information. After this you can download it from the Covin website. Let us tell you that if you have changed the information in the vaccination certificate for the purpose of any fraud, then action can also be taken against you.

Some time ago, information related to this was also shared through the Twitter handle of Arogya Setu. You can also correct the certificate information by looking at the photo in the tweet.


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