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Indo-French firm claims close to construction of world’s largest nuclear plant

Nuclear plants in india

French energy company EDF said it has submitted a binding techno-commercial offer for NPCIL to build a six-pressure water reactor in Jaitapur, Maharashtra.

Mumbai. The French energy group EDF on Friday took an important step towards helping build the world’s largest nuclear power plant in India. The French energy company EDF said it has submitted a binding techno-commercial offer for the Atomic Energy Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) to build a six-pressure water reactor at Jaitapur nuclear power plant in Maharashtra. Describing the move as a milestone, the energy company said that on this basis, discussions could proceed in the direction of a binding agreement in the coming months.

Negotiations between NPCIL and EDF progressed after an ‘industrial agreement’ between the two sides in the year 2018 for the construction of six nuclear power reactors in Jaitapur. Negotiations on the funding of the project, along with the techno-commercial offering, are currently underway. Apart from this, discussions are continuing between the two sides on ways to increase localization through manufacturing in India.

This important milestone – EDF CEO
Jean Bernard Levy, President and Chief Executive Officer of EDF Group, said, “This important milestone has been achieved due to the trust built with our Indian partner and the cooperation and sustained efforts of the parties of EDF and NPCIL.” India and France are moving fast towards increasing nuclear partnership. Once fully built, the plant will provide 10 GW of electricity, which is sufficient for about 7 million homes. It is expected that construction will be completed in 15 years but it will have to be able to generate electricity before the construction is complete.

EDF will not build power plant

An EDF statement said that the contract would get ‘finalized in the next few months’. EDF will not build the power plant itself, but will provide nuclear reactors that include US partner GE Steam Power. No financial information has been released about this yet, but it is estimated to be tens of billion euros (dollars).

However, when this plant was proposed, it was opposed a lot. In 2011, after the tsunami in Fukushima, Japan, the pace of work on this also slowed down. The Shiv Sena, which raised its voice against this scheme started 20 years ago, is not speaking very poorly at the moment.

EDF estimates that through this project 25,000 local jobs will be created during construction, while about 2700 people will get permanent jobs. However, it is being said about this project that this will increase the risk of earthquake further, as well as fishermen will have to face problems.

India has already entered into several agreements for exchange of nuclear technologies and expertise with countries like America, France, Russia and Japan. Russia, India’s traditional ally, supplies it with nuclear fuel.


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