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Hope Biden talks to Pfizer’s CEO to allow India to manufacture vaccine: MP Ro Khanna

Indian-American MP Ro Khanna said that it is hoped that Joe Biden will allow India to manufacture vaccines by talking to the CEO of Pfizer. Microsoft founder and noted social activist Bill Gates opposed the move in a media interview on Monday. Was.

Washington COVID-19 Amidst rapid proliferation of Indian people, Indian MPs are in danger because of millions of lives hovering over their lives. Ro Khanna Said he hoped that President Joe Biden would speak to the CEO of Pfizer and let India manufacture vaccines for at least six months or a year. Khanna is represented in the US House of Representatives from Silicon Valley. He has been a vocal supporter of India and South Africa’s request for an exemption in business-related aspects of intellectual property rights (TRIPS) from the World Trade Organization (WTO) for Kovid-19 vaccines. Khanna told reporters, “Allow India to manufacture vaccines.” It will be better for you in the long run.

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It will be good for the US and it will be in our interest, including India’s role, along with the rest of the world. “Many companies like Pfizer and Moderna and some organizations such as the US Chambers of Commerce are opposing the move. A day earlier, US business representative Katherine Tai spoke to the CEO of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and AstraZeneca regarding the TRIPS exemption. The proposal is expected to come before the WTO before May 5. He said, “I know that they are very senior in the administration who are supporting it.” I hope that the President will at least talk to the CEO of Pfizer and ask him to consider his long-term strategy in India which is a big market and which is also in your economic interest. Leave it for at least six months or a year. ”Microsoft founder and noted philanthropist Bill Gates had opposed the move in a media interview on Monday.

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