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Happy Birthday Sachin: 5 stories of Sachin Tendulkar’s life that everyone should know

New Delhi. Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar (Sachin Tendulkar) has turned 48 today, that is, on 24 April. The presence of Sachin, who said goodbye to his long international career in 2014, fills a new enthusiasm even today. His life was like an open book, but in spite of this, there are some types, which very few people know. These are some special stories of Sachin’s life

Sachin’s deep faith in God
When Team India was moving towards winning the final at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on April 02, 2011, Sachin was engaged in worshiping God with his eyes closed. Not only this, he also increased his beard to pray for the victory of the Indian team. When the team won, they not only went to see Lord Siddhivinayak but also cleaned his beard. By the way, those who know Sachin say that he is very religious, has a deep faith in God. That is why they regularly offer prayers. When he had scored his hundredth century in the Asia Cup, he returned from there and went for darshan of Lord Vinayak in the early morning of Gudi Padwa. The whole family was also with him.

The name was printed by mistake for the first time For the first time Sachin’s name was printed in the newspaper by mistake of scorer. It is a matter of 1987. For local matches in Mumbai, the newspapers had made a rule that they will publish the name of the same cricketer who has scored at least 30 runs. Sachin scored 24 runs without being dismissed in the local local match in Mumbai, then the match ended because his team had won the match. The team also got wide runs in the form of extra runs, wide, leg bye and no ball.

The scorer decided that he would put the extra six runs into Sachin’s account and he did so as well. Without manipulating the team’s total runs, the scorer subtracted six runs from the extra and showed it in Sachin’s account, making his score unbeaten 30 runs. The scorer’s own thinking was very clear. Since the team had won this match, no one was going to object to it. The next day, when Sachin’s name was printed in the newspaper for the first time, there was no place for his happiness.

Sachin’s first car
Today, Sachin has more cars than one. Few people would know that his first second hand was Maruti 800. It is a matter of the year 1990, Sachin returned from touring England with his first Test century. He was named in the whole country. On returning from this tour, he bought a second hand Maruti 800 car. At that time, he did not even have a driving license. A friend of his, Sunil, who lives in Sahitya Sahwas Colony in Bandra, recalls that on his return from England, Sachin came to him with this car and both of them set out on driving.

Childhood friends still with
The Sahitya Sahwas Colony in Bandra, Mumbai, where Sachin Tendulkar spent his childhood with whom he played as a child, remains his friend. Of course, Sachin’s family no longer lives in that colony but he has kept that house with him. In this colony, Sachin used to have a lot of fun with his two friends photographer Avinash Gowariker and contractor Sunil Hershey. This trio was quite famous in the colony. They did not miss plucking the fruits from the trees planted in the houses. One Sunday when the entire colony was busy watching the guide film on TV. This group was breaking mangoes on the tree. The tree’s branch broke. There was a sound. By the time the people of the house could understand, Sachin’s troupe had run away from there. Sachin’s wife Anjali participates in all events in ‘Sahitya Sahavas’. The first birthday of Sachin’s daughter Sara was also celebrated in this colony. In which the people of the entire colony attended.

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Charity work is no less
Usually, very few people will know that Sachin Tendulkar also performs charity work fiercely. He is associated with all such organizations which do welfare work. He does not forget to spend a part of his earnings on such works. Not only this, he also takes time for such works. Sachin spends about 200 children studying in Apnaalaya, an NGO in Mumbai. During a charity program, he recalled how his father used to do such work for a low salary. He was a professor in college and used to spend the expenses of a newspaper giver at home.


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