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Gorakhpur News: DIG observes lockdown, silence on road

MP Ravi Kishan Shukla appealed to the people to leave the house only when it is needed, otherwise they should not leave, they said that this global pandemic is not for any particular category, it can happen to anyone, so all of you can go home only when you need it. Exit MP requested that you must follow social distance and at the same time use face masks, wash your hands and apply sanitizer.

Gorakhpur Observed observance of a two-day lockdown imposed during the second wave of Corona infection. DIG Dr. Preetinder Singh visited the city on Saturday and took stock of the arrangements made towards the lockdown, and gave necessary guidelines to the concerned that no traffic will be allowed during lock-down till 7 am on Monday. Statutory action should be taken against the doers under the Corona Protocol.

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During this period, only Kovid-19 can be injected or can be left for emergency work, that too, by applying masks, the work of sanitizing all the street neighborhoods in the city will be done by the employees of the municipal corporation and fire brigade. Ensure compliance.

In order to break the corona chain, the second wave of corona virus infection in Gorakhpur is becoming extremely frightening. To break its chain, a two-day weekend lockdown has been imposed. It is our responsibility and duty to ensure that during this time only urgent service i.e. medical, police And with the ban, except for the government transport service, the exit of the house was completely forbidden. Meanwhile, senior Superintendent of Police Dinesh Kumar P has made a complete arrangement for the Corona curfew, so that the corona chain can be broken. Last Sunday was a one-day lockdown, but the state government has now announced a two-day lockdown on Saturday and Sunday so that the chain of corona infection can be broken by cleaning and sanitizing.

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Shramdaan done at ADG zone office and residence

ADG Zone Akhil Kumar did the shramdaan on Saturday at his office and employees’ houses. The state government has directed to shut down all traffic and establishments except essential items from Friday evening 8 am to 7 am Monday, during which sanitation work will be done by sanitizing only the house office, the major intersection establishments, the streets. In the context of ADG Zone Akhil Kumar campaigned to clean the house of employees including his office and his residence by cleaning the shramdaan and before that ADG Zone on February 19 had done the work of cleaning the Ramgarh Tal area by shramdaan. Continuing to do equal public interest works, they remain in the discussions that how they can solve the problems of Gorakhpur residents as much as possible and keep on devising a new way.

The ADG raised awareness about cleanliness and gave the message of cleanliness by cleaning itself. If there is equal hygiene, then an epidemic like Corona will be cleared automatically. An epidemic like Corona can be sanitized with hygienic hygiene and hypochlorite solution, and a terrible epidemic like Corona can be turned away.

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While teaching cleanliness lessons to the policemen present, he said that many types of diseases can be easily overcome by keeping cleanliness. Therefore, everyone should keep their surroundings clean.

Security arrangements tightened for Panchayat elections

In view of the three-tier Panchayat elections, under the direction of Senior Superintendent of Police, Gorakhpur, for the prevention of crime, the efficient supervision of Superintendent of Police, Southern and Regional Khazani, and the departure of Thana Haja of UP Udaybhan Singh May Hamarahiyan under the leadership of Police Officer Devendra Kumar Singh in the area. It was clear that through the informer, special information was received that the accused related to the above are standing in their mobile and photocopy shop at the Bhaisahiya intersection and are talking about the incident among themselves and are in a hurry to be told if they are caught early Could believe this information, just before the buffalo crossroads of Uttar Pradesh Hamarah Karma, the informer pointed out that Saheb is the same mobile photocopy shop of Ram Ugrah, outside which four people are standing, the same people are Sanjeev Chaudhary, Vinod Kumar Maurya, Ram Ugra Dilip Maurya was shocked to say that after this, we were caught by the police while hiding a barge and the four persons were caught.

When the names of the arrested persons were asked in turn, Charo gave his name respectively 1. Sanjeev Chaudhary son Baliram Choudhary 2. Vinod Kumar Maurya alias Vicky son Balaram Maurya 3. Ram Ugrah son late Ramlaut 4. Dileep Maurya son Baliram Maurya resident Kavisa police station Harpur Budhat district said Gorakhpur.

Accused Sanjeev Chaudhary’s search of the above was taken in front of the Wajafata Baqaida Hamrahi staffer, while Sanjeev Chaudhary recovered a mobile mobile Vivo Y50 blue color from the aforesaid, which was seen to be turned on, then the video related to the incident was found, which was found by the Bakbaja police. It was taken in and after interrogating Hikmat Amli, the four accused told that Sir, on that day, along with the head of the village candidate and other people, we too came in a huff and jammed the way by stopping the car while running a brick on the polling party. Saheb is a video of the same incident that I and other people have made, sir, it has been a mistake, save us. The accused, while giving reasons to the above, we are following the instructions of Hon’ble Supreme Court and National Human Rights Orders by policemen at around 08.10 am. The police were detained for its crime Section 141/147/148/149/186/188/171 (f) / 427/353/341 of the crime of Bhadvi 0 & 7 CLA ACT. Action is being taken to send the arrested accused to jail.

MP Ravi Kishan extended his helping hand

Gorakhpur Sadar MP Ravi Kishan Shukla has written a letter to Vijayendra Pandian of Gorakhpur District Magistrate from his MP fund for the setting up of an oxygen plant in Gorakhpur on the demand for increased oxygen for treatment due to the outbreak of the current Kovid-19 epidemic. |

Member of Parliament Ravi Kishan Shukla said that at present the global epidemic is a big crisis on the coronavirus society, oxygen has come to the people of Gorakhpur as a big problem to deal with it, so that people of Gorakhpur and nearby can easily get oxygen available in Gorakhpur. The proposal for an oxygen plant is dispatched. Ravi Kishan Shukla said that the coronavirus society has been overturned again by which we are all fighting vigorously, Gorakhpur MP Ravi Kishan thanked everyone for doing commendable work through Municipal Corporation, Medical College, Government Hospital, Private Hospital Has expressed.

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Member of Parliament Ravi Kishan Shukla appealed to the people to leave the house only when it is necessary, otherwise they should not leave, they said that this global pandemic is not for any particular category, it can happen to anyone, so all of you can go home only when you need it. Exit MP requested that you must follow social distance and at the same time use face masks, wash your hands and apply sanitizer. Serious and necessary steps are being taken by the Government of India and the Government of Uttar Pradesh to deal with the infection of coronavirus, in this order, Smriti Sangeeta Yadav ji donated 2500000 rupees from her MLA fund for setting up oxygen plant in Chauri Chaura Vidhan Sabha. MLA Sangeeta Yadav said that this epidemic is at its peak and people struggling with lack of oxygen are dying on their own, so they are making their contribution from their MLA fund to set up an oxygen plant as a social service, so that not only Chauri Chaura but the next Oxygen can also be supplied easily in the adjacent areas.

Remedacivir injection is not necessary for corona infected

Remedesivir injection released to protect against corona infection has also come under suspicion, it is proving to be a panacea, injections are also becoming a cause of problems, Dr. VN, resident of Gorakhpur and District Secretary of IMA While giving the information through a press note, Agrawal said that the IMA has been issued advisory for the Remedesivir injection ie the Indian Medical Association.He said that doctors are advising the patients for the prevention of corona virus, He has not proved to be effective in any condition, he said, many times research has been done on this, but no meaningful results have been revealed.

He said that the indications for the use of the drug are limited, giving information that this medicine is expensive and not available in the market, even then doctors are prescribing this medicine.

Dr. VN Aggarwal appealed to the IMA officials to instruct the doctors at their level not to prescribe Remedesivir injection for patients as research on this injection has not yielded meaningful results anywhere in the world. That is why he urged that no doctor recommend applying this injection.

Disclaimer:Prabhasakshi has not edited this news. This news has been published from PTI-language feed.

note:We are fully participants in India’s fight against the Corona virus. In this difficult time, it is our every effort to fully publish our responsibilities that only news based on facts should be published. We are also in self-discipline and following all the rules issued by the government is also our first priority.


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