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Good news for those playing FAU-G! Multiplayer game mode Deathmatch coming in the game, learn the specialty

New modes are coming soon in the FAU-G game.

On playing FAU-G game, most people say that not much content has been given in this game, but now the players’ complaint is also going to go away, because a new update has been announced in the game.

The company developing the FAU G game, nCore Games, has fulfilled its promise and has announced the date for the upcoming update of the game. In the new update, along with the multiplayer game mode Deathmatch in the game, the company is also giving new Weapons. On the day of Ramnavami, the company has posted the teaser of the update on its tweeter with its official handle. The company has kept the update date of the game to June 21. In the tweet, the update of the game is shown in the cinematic trailer, which reveals the details of the update of the game.

In the trailer posted on the tweet, it is shown that in the current game, you will now get multiple deadly weapons along with multiplayer mode. In the current game, you had to fight only with a stick or unarmed, now in this game you will get automatic guns as well as a sniper rifle as well as machine guns and pistols. Along with this, you will also get many other equipment such as ropes and hand-throwing grenades.

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The tweeted trailer shows that the company has planned the update in the game quite well. The game is still based on the clash between India and China. The trailer featured Chinese soldiers, who are facing Indian soldiers. However, it will be interesting to see how the company has handled the game controls and the game machine.

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Further details of the game such as how many players a team will have in multiplayer mode and whether the map has been updated in the game or whether the new map has been updated. There is no information about the character and any battle pass in the game yet. We will tell you all these updates of the game now after the release on 21 June.


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