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Do not allow the speed of your car to be low during the corona lockdown, so keep them in mind

If you have not been driving for months, then it is important to keep some things in mind. Image Credit: Pexels / Sleepi Alleyne

When the car is standing at the same place for a long time, problems can come on turning it on after some time. In such a situation, if we keep some important things in mind, then these problems can be avoided.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Car: People have come out less because of Corona infection. People are handling office work from home and instead of going to the market etc., they are doing the work from online shopping. In such a situation, there are many families whose cars have been closed in the garage for months. Due to standing in one place for a long time, the machined parts like their engines, brakes are being affected and their quality is being affected. So let us know that if you have not been driving for many days, then it is important to keep some things in mind for their maintenance. 1. Keep cleaning A thorough cleaning of the vehicle is required at least twice a week. Clean thoroughly both outside and inside during cleaning. If you have less time, then you just pour water over the car with a pipe or bucket. This will at least remove the dust accumulated on the body of the vehicle and will not spoil the paint of the vehicle. Read also: Use the remaining tea leaves in this way, many tasks will be easy

2. Save the battery as
When the vehicle does not run for a long time, then its battery is likely to go bad. In such a situation, if you have a car or bike and scooty, then start the car at least once a week for 15 minutes and leave it. To do this, the engine will be hot and the battery will also be charged. The charged battery does not deteriorate quickly. 3. Take care of the tire like this If the car is standing at the same place for a long time, the tire is constantly under pressure and slowly its air is also removed. Due to the release of air, the grip of the tire ends and the quality of it also starts to deteriorate. To keep this problem away, you keep moving the vehicle a little back and forth in a few days. Keep the tires checked in the air and get them filled when the air is low. This will not damage the rim of the tire and due to the same pressure, the life of all four tires will be long. 4.Handbreak check If you want to keep the car standing for a long time, do not leave it with a hand brake. By doing this the brake pads may get jammed and the brake shoe may get stuck in the drum. In such a situation, put the car on the first gear and put a brick or stopper in front of the tire so that the car can remain standing in one place. Read also: Take care of colored clothes in this way, years will remain like new

5. Keep all parts of the cart in function Try to keep all the parts in function even when the car is standing. For example, keep the head light, horn, indicator, car glass, AC etc. on and off at times. Also keep in mind that petrol, diesel, mobil etc. should be full in the car. By doing this, there will be no rust in their tank. Actually, the tank fills the air in the empty and it increases the chances of rust. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)


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