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Corona virus infection increasing rapidly in Southeast Asia, death cases

Kuala Lumpur. Indonesia is using most of the oxygen produced in the country for medical treatment due to the increase in the number of Kovid-19 patients. In Malaysia too, patients are being treated on the floor due to lack of space in hospitals, while in Myanmar’s largest city, bodies are being buried day and night in cemeteries due to increasing cases of death. During the strong wave of the epidemic in India in April-May, there were horrific pictures of dead bodies being cremated in the open. Deaths have risen sharply in three countries in Southeast Asia in the past two weeks during a new wave due to the delta nature of the coronavirus.

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In Selangor, Malaysia’s most populous state, many patients are unable to find a place in hospitals. Abhishek Rimal, health coordinator for the Asia Pacific region for the Red Cross in Malaysia, said cases have increased due to increased carelessness, low vaccination rates and the rapid spread of the delta form of the virus. Despite the national lockdown in Malaysia, cases of infection are not decreasing. More than 10,000 cases are coming every day in the country since July 13. Till now only 15 percent of the population in the country has been vaccinated. Cases have been increasing rapidly since June in Indonesia, Myanmar and Malaysia.

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Cases of infection and death have also increased in Cambodia and Thailand. In Indonesia, the fourth country by population in the world, 1383 people died due to infection on Wednesday. In mid-June, about 8,000 cases were coming daily after which more than 50,000 cases started coming last week. With the increase in the number of patients in the hospitals, the consumption of oxygen prescribed for industrial use has been banned and 90 percent of the oxygen is being sent to the hospitals. The health infrastructure in Myanmar has also been severely affected. The cases of infection and death started increasing in the country from mid-May. On Tuesday, 5860 cases of infection were reported in Myanmar and 286 people died. Only about three percent of the country’s population has been vaccinated. Since last week, bodies are being buried day and night in seven cemeteries in Yangon. The bodies of more than 1200 people were buried on Sunday itself.


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