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BJP won unopposed, the nomination of SP candidate for the post of District Panchayat President in Varanasi rejected

According to SP leaders, why did both the BJP leaders go to the scrutiny room. These people want that the SP candidate’s nomination should be canceled. According to the SP leaders, we will go to the court after the cancellation of the paper, if such things happen then it is definitely shameful for the democracy.

Varanasi In Zilla Panchayat President Post On Saturday, along with the SP and BJP candidates Lav Lashkar nominated. After this, as the day progressed, the political mercury started rising high at the Varanasi district headquarters. Late night, District Magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma informed that the candidature of Samajwadi Party candidate Chanda Yadav for the post of Varanasi District Panchayat President has been rejected. After this BJPShe Poonam Maurya has remained the lone candidate for the post of Varanasi District Panchayat President. Only the announcement remains that he will be elected unopposed.

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According to the District Magistrate, 2-2 nomination papers were filed by two candidates Smt. Chanda Yadav and Smt. Poonam Maurya for the post of District Panchayat President. Their scrutiny started at 3 pm in the same sequence. Both sides filed written objections about the validity of each other’s notary advocates. Written time of 2-2 hours was sought by both of them to reply which was given to them. Scrutiny started again at 6:30 pm in which both the candidates presented their side. After thorough scrutiny, one nomination paper of Mrs. Poonam Maurya was rejected and one was accepted. Both the nomination papers of Mrs. Chanda Yadav were rejected. In this way, the nomination of only one candidate, Mrs. Poonam Maurya, was found valid.On the other hand, the reason for the rejection of nomination of SP candidate Chanda Yadav is being told that the candidate has not been certified to take the pledge mentioned on the affidavit in front of a competent and valid officer.

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