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BJP trying to woo Dalits, Yogi government to build Ambedkar memorial in UP

The BJP is trying to woo the Dalits in view of the coming elections. Under this, the Ambedkar card has been played by the BJP government. Before the elections, the Yogi government has announced the construction of Ambedkar Memorial.

Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections are to be held in next year. In such a situation, all the political parties have started trying to solve their equations. ruling B J P even now Uttar Pradesh Elections Making a strategy for Under this, the party is now moving ahead to make the Dalit vote bank in its favour. in view of the upcoming election B J P Trying to woo Dalits. Under this, the Ambedkar card has been played by the BJP government. Yogi government before elections Ambedkar Memorial construction has been announced.

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Under this announcement, a 25 feet high statue of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar will be installed. This statue will be established in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Sources are claiming that President Ram Nath Kovind can lay the foundation stone of this memorial on June 29 at Lok Bhawan in Lucknow. Construction of Ambedkar Memorial BJP may try to woo Dalits on the lines of Mayawati. Ambedkar memorial will be constructed in Aishbagh, Lucknow. Apart from the 25 feet Ambedkar statue in the memorial, convention center, library and other facilities can also be made available.

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Let us tell you that Dalits have been used a lot in the politics of Uttar Pradesh. Mayawati is considered the biggest leader of Dalits. However, this move of BJP can cause big loss to them. Mayawati had built grand monuments like Ambedkar Park from Lucknow to Noida during her tenure. Today it is known as the biggest monument and symbol of Dalits. However, at that time, the BJP had strongly opposed these plans of Mayawati. But today the party is following the same path. The reason for this is only Dalit vote bank. The BJP is currently trying to make all kinds of strategies for the 2022 assembly elections.

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