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Big accident averted! Two passenger planes collided in Dubai; no casualties

Dubai. of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai Two planes collided at the city’s main airport on Thursday morning, though no casualties were reported in the incident. One of the planes that collided at Dubai International Airport was of airline ‘FlyDubai’ and the other of airline ‘Gulf Air’ based in Bahrain.

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Flydubai said in a statement that its Boeing plane bound for Kyrgyzstan suffered a “minor accident” and had to return to its stand site. The passengers left for their destination after six hours on another flight. It said, “Flydubai will work closely with the authorities to investigate the incident.” It said the plane’s wing was damaged in the accident. At the same time, Gulf Air said that the rear of one of its aircraft was damaged in the collision of another aircraft. The airline said it was working to bring passengers to their destinations.


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