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Adamant on Sidhu’s apology, the captain’s attitude softened after a phone call, will be present at the coronation of the new state president

Congress discord in Punjab seems to be coming to an end. Navjot Singh Sidhu will take over as Punjab Congress President on July 23. Preparations have been made for a big function in Punjab Congress regarding Sidhu’s coronation. But the question was whether Captain Amarinder Singh would also join it. The reason behind which was that the Captain was constantly claiming that the Punjab CM would not even meet the new state president until Sidhu apologizes for the tweet against Amarinder Singh. Meanwhile, Sidhu Camp claimed that he had sought an appointment with Amarinder Singh, but this claim was rejected outright by the Amarinder Camp. But now about the program to be held tomorrow, Punjab Congress Committee Working President Kuljit Nagra and Sangat Singh Giljian met him at Captain Amarinder Singh’s farm house in Siswan, Mohali.

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Both have handed over the signed invitation letter of Navjot Singh Sidhu to Captain Amarinder Singh. After handing over the invitation to the Captain, he claimed that Captain Amarinder Singh had assured him that he would attend the Navjot Singh Sidhu coronation ceremony. On the other hand, Congress leaders made claims of their participation in the program after meeting the Captain and on the other hand, Punjab CM’s advisor announced on Twitter that all MLAs and MPs have been called for tea at 10 am tomorrow. After this everyone will go to the state Congress office.

Because of this, the captain agreed

Let us tell you that this program of Navjot Singh Sidhu’s coronation will be held on July 23 (Friday) at 11 am, in which Sunil Jakhar will hand over the command of Punjab Congress President to Navjot Singh Sidhu. After this news, speculations are being made that till now the captain’s stand on Sidhu’s apology seems to be softening and the tension between the two will reduce. At the same time, media reports have claimed that Captain Amarinder has agreed to attend Sidhu’s coronation program after a phone call from the high command. ABP News has claimed in its media report that Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra called Captain Amarinder Singh and spoke to him. According to media reports, Priyanka asked the Captain to be present at the coronation ceremony of Sidhu as the Chief Minister. Along with this, it was said on behalf of Priyanka that due to her not being present in this program, the wrong message would be sent. In the media report, there has been a mention of Sonia Gandhi sending her message on this occasion and Priyanka telling Captain Amarinder.


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