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A major accident in Maharashtra postponed! Oxygen pipeline leaks in hospital, lives of 14 patients saved

The oxygen pipeline leaked at the hospital in Maharashtra but the lives of 14 patients have been saved. The oxygen supply to repair the pipeline was stopped. “Kundetkar said oxygen supply was interrupted for only two-three minutes. Hui.

Aurangabad Maharashtra Jeevanadaini after falling a tree branch in Parbhani District Hospital Oxygen The gas supply pipeline was leaked but 14 employees dependent on medical oxygen were saved due to immediate action by the employees. Deputy Collector Sanjay Kundetkar told ‘PTI-Bhasha’ that after seeing the pipeline leaking on Tuesday night, the hospital staff arranged for a jumbo oxygen cylinder for the patients to breathe. “Around 11:30 in the night, a branch of the tree fell on the oxygen-supply pipeline, causing it to leak.” Leakage of the pipeline was detected and after this, jumbo oxygen cylinders were arranged for 14 patients to breathe.

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To repair the pipeline, the supply of oxygen was stopped. ”Kundetkar said that oxygen supply was interrupted for only two-three minutes. He said that the technicians repaired the pipeline within two hours. The Deputy Collector said, “There have been no casualties in the incident.” Oxygen supply was restored around 4 am. ”At least 22 patients died due to oxygen supply being disrupted after oxygen gas leaked from a storage plant at a Civic hospital on April 21 in Nashik. Went.

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