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5.8 magnitude earthquake hits Peru’s coast, no damage reported

A moderate-intensity earthquake struck off Peru’s coast. The tremors were felt in the capital Lima and caused some rocks to fall on a road on the Pacific coast of the city, but authorities have not reported any major damage.

Lima (Peru).Peru A 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck off the central coast of the U.S. late Tuesday, forcing some residents of the capital to flee their shaking homes or buildings. There is no news of any kind of damage so far. The US Geological Survey said the quake’s epicenter was west-southwest of Mala in Kanate province and its depth was 50 kilometers.

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Tremors were felt in the capital Lima, and some rocks fell on a road on the Pacific coast of the city, but officials did not report any major damage. Earthquakes are frequent in Peru because it lies in the so-called ‘Ring of Fire’ in the Pacific.

Disclaimer:Prabhasakshi has not edited this news. This news has been published from PTI-language feed.


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